Moving Tips: When Is The Best Time To Move?

Moving Tips: When Is The Best Time To Move?

Most of the times moving can be so stressful, so you may think that the date of your moving is not significant. Sometimes you choose a certain day to move, but sometimes certain life situations dictate that decision.

No matter the situation, the date of moving is important. And knowing it can be a money saver and stress reliever, as well.

Every season has its moving advantages and disadvantages. So, you need to choose wisely and determine which suits your needs and budget. Here’s a look at all the pros and cons of all four seasons for you to decide which is the best time to move:

1. Moving In The Autumn

moving in autumn
Moving in autumn is usually a pleasant experience because of the nice weather unlike the weather in winter when it is too cold and in summer when it is too hot.
What’s more, if you move during this season, you will be at your new home before the holiday season in December. Comfortable and relaxed, you will celebrate the holidays happily with your family.
The peak season for selling homes also ends in late summer. Because of that, you may find a better deal on a home, and you will have a more comfortable buying experience.

Those who have children that go to school may have a difficult time moving during autumn. This is the time when the school year starts. So, if you move during this period, your children will have to change schools…..sounds challenging, right?
Besides that, because of the upcoming holidays, professional movers may have less available moves. So, you may find it difficult to find a removalist to help you out with the whole process of moving.

2. Moving In The Winter

moving in winter
Moving in the winter can save you money. People usually avoid moving during this season because of the cold weather and the start of the school year. As a result of that, professional movers are not in high demand, so you can hire them for less. During winter time, removalists also are not that busy. Thus, they can meet your requirements as well. That allows you to move whenever you want, according to your ideal schedule.


The cold and frigid temperatures in winter usually prevent many people from moving. The rain, ice, and snow can result in driving conditions that are dangerous for the movers. Besides, moving during the cold weather involves more preparations than the usual move. From keeping the sidewalks clean to waterproofing the boxes, and other additional preventive measures.

3. Moving In The Spring

moving in spring
The months of March and April and the beginning of May are the best months when it comes to moving. The weather gets warmer, and the moving is less demanding. The companies are also available most of the time and provide cheaper services.

This season it is not the best time to move for families with school-age children. The exams and the end of the school year are in spring so moving can be really stressful then.
You will also have problems if you decide to move at the end of May. It is the time when the peak moving season stars so the movers may not be available on your prefered dates.

4. Moving In The Summer

moving in summer
Long sunny days and home-selling season peak are some of the positive aspects of moving in summer. You feel good, and you have more time during the day to move. Due to the summer school break, many families with children also find season the best time to move. They don’t disrupt the school year, and their children have time to adapt to the new home.


Most of the people decide to move during summer. Because of that, the moving rates are the highest, and the price is high too. Due to the significant number of moving households, movers need more time to deliver your things. The weather can also be a problem during this season. It can be scorching so you may want to move when it is cooler.

Choose the Best Time To Move and Hire a Professional Moving Company to Help You

All in all, the best time to move depends on your needs. If you like to save money, you should avoid the summer peak season. If you have school-age kids, summer may be the best time for you. Or if you want mild weather, consider moving in spring and winter.

Just pick the season that is the best for you and hire a professional moving company. Professionals will help you reduce all the stress, and will save you time and effort.

So, don’t hesitate and hire us today! Autumn, winter, spring, summer…no matter the season, we are here to make sure you have the best moving experience.


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