The Top 10 Pros And Cons Of Moving To London

The Top 10 Pros And Cons Of Moving To London

Are you thinking about moving to London? Have you and your family been attracted by its beauties? Or has your boss maybe asked you to relocate? No matter whether you are moving for private or business purposes, London is a wonderful place to live. However, just like moving to any country or city, moving to London also has its pros and cons.

In this article, we’ve put a list of the advantages and disadvantages of living in London. Take a look at them before you make your final decision about moving there:

The Pros:

the city of London

#1: Offers Great Job Opportunities  

As a business and commercial centre London offers many job opportunities which is why thousands of people move there every year. Here you can develop your career, or maybe start your own business. There are also many recruitment agencies that will help you find a job, or you can simply search for some advertisements online or in the newspapers.

#2: Has Excellent Public Transport System And Travel Connections

London has a great public transport system. It is connected to the whole UK with the underground train system and with buses.

Moreover, it also has great travel connections to many neighbouring countries by ship, road, and rail. And, there are many available flights to many destinations in the world as well.

#3: There Are Many Things You Can Do And See

One of the best things about moving to London is that there are many interesting things you can do and see there. Here you will explore many beautiful parks, museums, historical sites, art galleries and many other landmarks.

Many different events also take place in London. So, you will have the opportunity to attend many events, concerts, festivals, etc.

#4: The Health Care Is Free

When it comes to health care, moving to London is worth it. Many British people enjoy the benefits of free health care, unlike many countries in the world where people spend a fortune on medical expenses.  

While you work in Britain and pay your taxes and insurance, you will be provided with free health care.

#5: London Schools Are The Best

London schools are said to be among the best in the whole country. There are many public and private schools you can choose from in different areas in the city. So, if you are moving to London and have kids, then you shouldn’t worry about their education.

The Cons:

#6: London Is An Expensive City

Just like many other capital cities around the world, London is also an expensive place to live. Especially if you are living closer to the centre, then the expenses for rent, petrol, food, and bills will be higher.  

#7: It Is Busy And Noisy

Despite being a capital city, London is also one of the most famous tourist destinations in the whole world. It means that millions of tourists visit it every year, so it is quite busy. In addition, about 9 million people living there, so there is lots of traffic as well. Trains and buses can be very overcrowded during peak times. So, before you make a decision about moving to London, be aware that it is a noisy city.

#8: The Weather Is Moody

The weather in London is not the best. For the most part of the year, you will expect grey skies. However, it is quite moody, and it will change from very hot to rainy and windy.

#9: Queues

Yes, after moving to London you will have to get used to waiting in queues for different tourist attractions, cash machines, escalators, clubs…   

#10: The Air Is Polluted

London is quite polluted city and is struggling to breathe fresh air. This is mainly due to a large number of diesel vehicles that release dangerous levels of nitrogen dioxide.

Did We Help You Make A Decision About Moving To London?

London, the city of kings and queens, will impress you with its beauty. However, visiting this city as a tourist and living there is not an equal experience. That is why we are giving you with the top 10 pros and cons of moving to London.

To sum it up, the good things about moving to London are the following:

  • Has great public transport system and travel connections,
  • There are lots of things you can do and see there,
  • Offers excellent job opportunities,
  • The health care is for free,
  • Has great schools.

Living in London also has some disadvantages including:    

  • You have to wait in queues,
  • It is a busy and noisy city,
  • The weather is moody,
  • The air is polluted,
  • It is expensive.

It is up to you what you will decide, but before you do make a decision take these pros and cons into consideration.  


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