Tips On Moving Plants When Changing Your Home

Tips On Moving Plants When Changing Your Home

You have spent lots of time, effort and energy cultivating your beautiful plants in your garden and home. But, does moving in another place means that you have to leave them behind? Fortunately, not.

Moving can be stressful, so we don’t always think about the things we should do for the safe relocation of our plants. However, it is essential to prepare them for the new place. With careful planning before the move, you can safely transport your plants and flowers in your new home.

Read the following tips on moving plants and make the move easier:  

1. Decide which Plants You will Take with You

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Let’s be honest, sometimes you can not take all the plants with you. Your new home can be different in terms of space, climate and location, so you must choose which types of plants can live there.

Especially if you are moving overseas, moving plants is a hard thing to do. Usually, you can not take plants in the aeroplane, or if you can, it will cost you a fortune.

2. Prepare the Plants a Few Weeks Before the Move


Plants should be healthy before the move, so it is necessary to take care of them. To do that, you should remove all the dead leaves, branches, and deadhead from the plants. Check the plants for weeds and pests and remove them, as well.

If you plan moving plants from your garden, you should take several steps a few months ahead:

  • Dig the plants few months before the move,
  • Use hessian cloth for wrapping the root,
  • Keep the plant under a shade, in a cool place in the garden,
  • Keep the root of the plant moist all the time,
  • Be careful with moving your plants,
  • If necessary, ask for professional advice.

Thus, you will prepare your plants, and help them easily adjust to the new conditions.

Put the Plants into Cardboard Boxes the Day Before the Move

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The most suitable containers for moving plants are cardboard boxes. They are practical and allow the plant to breathe during the move.

To hold the plants in place in the boxes, use packing paper or dampened newspaper. A thin layer of paper over the top of the plants can protect the leaves, as well.

Moreover, if you hired removalists to help you, you should also mark the boxes. Write in large letters that there are plants inside and that they should handle them with care.

Close the Boxes on the Moving Day and Unpack Them as Soon as They Arrive

Close the boxes right before leaving the home. Make breathing holes in various parts of the boxes and spray the plants with water.

As soon as they arrive in your new home, make sure you open the boxes and take them out. Remove the plastic and give them time to recuperate from the move.

However, moving plants is a hard process because the plants don’t like change and need to adjust. Therefore, keep them in a darker place and gradually return them to brighter areas.

Take Care of the Transported Plants

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After the move, the plants are in your new home, and they require loving care. First, check and remove all the damaged or broken parts. Second, provide them with plenty of water and plant food. Then, give them several weeks to adjust to the new setting.

Follow These Tips On Moving Plants And Move Them Safely

Moving plants in your new home is not an impossible thing to do. With careful planning, preparation, and attention you can transport your plants safe and sound.

If you transplant the plants in summer, do that early in the morning or in the evening. You should protect them from the hot sun because they could wilt. Or, if you move them in winter, take them indoors with you because they can freeze.

Follow our tips carefully and don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any help.


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