Top 5 Tips For An Easy And Successful Office Move

Top 5 Tips For An Easy And Successful Office Move

You need to move your office, but you have no idea where to start? Or you feel frustrated and stressful because you haven’t got enough time? Yes, the office move is a challenging and time-consuming process for everyone that works in the company.

Through experience, we learned that every transition has a certain level of complexity. Therefore, the key for a smooth move is in better planning, organisation, and working with the proper people.

So for an easy and successful move, read these 5 compiled tips from the moving experts and go step by step:

1.  Form A Team

forming a team

The first thing you should do when relocating your office is assembling the right team in charge of the moving process. A good team should include one project manager, internal, and external members, as well. The project leader should have leadership, communication, organisational, and decision-making skills.

Once a week, the team should meet to discuss the plan, the assessments and the issues that may arise. It is wise to know all the objectives, obligations, facts, details and people involved. That forms the base of the planning process.

Involving the employees in the process is also crucial. The transition will be more comfortable if they understand the advantages of the new office and have specific assessments to perform.

2. Make A Detailed Plan

making a plan

Planning is a moving stage that you shouldn’t miss. When it comes to an efficient office move, you must find the answers to several important questions. You need to know the place where you want to move and the space you need, as well.

Moreover, you need to specify the time of moving and the essential features for your new office. The budget and the type of the lease are also important things to know before the moving process starts.

3. Have Effective Communication

team communication

Making a change is an uncomfortable process, and many people don’t like it. However, an office move can make positive changes in the working environment. Improved business performance, increased staff morale and better facilities are some of the things that may result from the move.

To achieve all these things, it is crucial to have effective communication with all the employees. They should be engaged throughout the whole process. It will give them time to process the change, and it will help them to overcome fear.

You can do that by conducting workshops about their likes/dislikes; by doing surveys about their ideas or needs; or by creating booklets that explain the protocol and the design intent, as well.

4. Don’t Delay


There are many things you should do before the office move starts. So, the sooner you start with the preparations, the better.

First, you should review all your options, possibly one year before the expiration of your lease. That will give you time to consider all the possibilities for a smooth relocation and to form a capable team in charge of the moving.

Having enough time, you will carefully plan all the steps necessary for moving. You will also have the opportunity to find better premises for the same cost or negotiate and save money.

5. Hire Professional Moving Company

huge office move

An office move can be stressful, complicated, and time-consuming task, especially if you have not done it before. What’s more, it’s risky to pack valuables by yourself, because you can break or damage them. That’s why hiring professional movers to assist you, is the best thing you can do.

They are experienced and will lead you through the process. The removalists are trained to take care of everything and to make sure that all your things are protected for transport. Moreover, with their help, you will be more organised. Thus, you will minimise the time, reduce stress, and avoid any critical mistakes, as well.

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