Checklist Of 10 Things To Do Before The Professional Movers Arrive

Checklist Of 10 Things To Do Before The Professional Movers Arrive

Are you moving soon? You probably hired a moving company, picked a moving date, and gathered your stuff. So, is that everything you should do for a smooth moving day?

Well, it’s not.

There are a few more things you need to do before the professional movers arrive so that everything runs smoothly. Read the following checklist of 10 useful tips and have a successful and relaxing move:

1. Review The Plan With The Moving Company

It is good to revise all the details with the moving company one more time before the big day comes. Make sure that both you and the professional movers have the correct contact information. It will be a problem if you or they can’t reach you when the time comes. Also, review the schedule again beforehand and save yourself a headache.

2. Make A Plan For Keeping Kids And Pets Away

moving with a  dog

If you like your small kids and pets to stay safe during the move, it is better to keep them away from home. To make sure they don’t go through this stressful process, you can leave them with a close relative or a friend. This way you will also let the professional movers freely do their job without any disturbance or distractions.

3. Buy Packing Supplies

You don’t want to go from store to store searching for packing supplies on your moving day, right? Therefore, don’t forget to get them before the arrival of the movers. Packing tape, scissors, boxes, bubble wrap are some of the things that you must have in large quantities. Purchase them by yourself, or, ask the moving company to provide you with everything necessary.

4. Clean The House

cleaning the house

Before the moving day comes, it is good to have your home cleaned. First declutter and get rid of all the things you don’t you or want. A great way to do that is by donating them or organising a moving sale. Then, once you know what you will take with you, you will be ready to pack. Moreover, decluttering will also save you lots of time and effort and reduce the costs since the movers will have fewer things to move.

5. Don’t Forget To Pack Some “First Night” Stuff

If you want to have a comfortable first night in your new home, you need to have some things at hand. Prepare a backpack with pyjamas, toothbrush, toothpaste, toilet paper, charger, and toiletries. Have these things with you during the transport, in case any accidents happen to make sure it doesn’t get lost or damaged.

6. Pack Documents And Valuables In Separate Boxes

packing fragile items

You should pack important documents and valuables separately than the other belongings. These are the things that you mustn’t lose. Therefore, make sure they are well protected and packed. When the moving day comes, don’t leave them on the back of the moving track. Have them with you to keep them safe place and prevent damage or a loss.

7. Label All The Boxes

If you decide to do the packing yourself, don’t forget to label the boxes. First, write the name of the room to where the boxes belong to. Second, label boxes that contain fragile items. Finish with labelling which boxes you will need immediately when you enter the new home. Thus, you will be more organised, and your professional movers will be grateful.

8. Disconnect all Appliances

unplug electronics

It is good to know that the professional movers won’t disconnect the electrical appliances for you. You must do it yourself. So, before they arrive, don’t forget to disconnect your washer, refrigerator etc. Or, if you don’t use them do it the night before the move and save time on your moving day.

9. Double Check Everything

Inspect every corner of your old home one last time before the arrival of the professional movers. Check all the rooms, the attic, the garden, and the garage and make sure you didn’t forget anything.

10. Be a Nice Host

professional movers

Before the professional movers arrive, make sure you prepare some snacks and bottled water for them. Be friendly and a nice host.

Follow This Checklist And Be Prepared For The Professional Movers

During the process of moving, professional movers will be your best friends. However, they will not do everything for you. Simplify your move and prepare yourself well before the moving day comes.

Follow our checklist to stay organised and less stressed. Go step by step, and have a successful moving day and collaboration with the movers.


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