Things You Need To Know About Storage Services

Moving your house, office or flat soon? You probably know that sometimes not all removals can’t be done in just one day. There may be certain delays in the transfer or your new house/office might not be ready yet. Or maybe you are moving abroad or are between tenancies? 

For this reason, you may want to consider putting your house/office contents, furniture, and belongings into storage for a while. 

But before you decide to put your belongings into storage, here are some things you need to know.

1. Your Belongings Should be Safe and Secure 

container in storage

Isn’t this the most important thing? When you are looking for a removal company that offers storage as well, make sure you’ve chosen the right one. Find out whether they work to the industry rules and regulations. Inform them that you can have insurance as additional protection of your belongings in case of any undesirable situations. 

The right removal company will be able to address all your concerns and guide you through all the available options. They will make sure you are assured that your belongings will be kept safely and securely.  

2. You Can Store Your Belongings as Long as You Want 

Yes, you can! You may be wondering: but what if I move overseas for a couple of years? Don’t worry, it just doesn’t matter. You can store your belongings as long as you want. Whether it is for a couple of years or just a few months, or even a few weeks until you renovate your house/ office, you can rest assured that your things will be safe. 

3. Storage is Necessary when Moving Abroad

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Putting your belongings somewhere safe and secure is one of the most important things when moving overseas. That’s why you need a reputable removal company with storage services. Even if you want some of your items to be shipped to your new place, you can still consider short term storage, until they are being delivered to your new home. 

4. You Can Store Other Things than Furniture

office chairs in storage

Some of you might be in a more different need for storage than just household contents and furniture. You might have decided to travel abroad, but leave your car or motorbike somewhere safe while you are back. 

Or you may own some antiques or highly valuable items that need to be stored safely and securely while moving into the new place. 

Another case is when you don’t have enough space for your seasonal items and you need to put them in outside storage (such as Christmas tree and decorations etc.) 

5.  You Can Get Your Items from Storage Anytime You Want

woman in storage facility

It’s not a problem if you need some of your belongings back- you can always take them and leave the rest in storage. Just call the removal company and ask them how you can access and take out your things. 

If your things are being stored in a container, then they will be extracted and put somewhere safe. Then you can easily open it and get what you need. Afterward, they will be sealed up again and put back. If you don’t like to bother yourself, you can tell the removal company and they will do this for you. 

6. It’s Much Easier to Have a Removal Company Collect Your Items into Storage


One of the most notable differences between a removal company and a self-storage company is that the removalists can help you move your items into storage and extract them back whenever you like. 

The removalists are skilled enough to load a container and maximize the use of space. They will also make sure that everything is stored safely and securely without any damage or loss. 

Our removal team can take care of your belongings until you are ready to move in. We can pack your items into containers, seal them and take them to our storage where they will remain protected. 

We, at Vantastic Removals, are well equipped and have high-quality security alarms and CCTV surveillance 24/7. You can rest assured that we’ll treat everything with care.
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