Checklist Of 5 Essential Things To Do Before Moving Out

Checklist Of 5 Essential Things To Do Before Moving Out

From the moment you sign the papers for your new home, you are overwhelmed with emotions. You feel excited and happy that you are finally moving out in your own home. However, once you start with the preparations, the excitement turns into stress.

Moving is a complicated process, so it is expected for you to panic. And, during all the rush you might forget some essential things before you say goodbye to your old home.

To help you avoid that, we are giving you 5 essential tips or things to do before moving out:  

1. Throw A Goodbye Party

farewell party

One of the most difficult things about moving is saying goodbye to your old home, your family, friends, and coworkers. But, sooner or later you have to let your close ones know that you are changing the place you live.

Throwing a farewell party is the best way to do it. It is also a perfect occasion to get ready for a new adventure and let go of your old life.

You should simply think about the following things:

  • When is the party going to take place,
  • Who are you going to invite,
  • Farewell speech.

Make a toast to the new beginning, and leave place for some tears. Don’t forget to give your new address to your loved ones so that they can visit you in your new home.

2. Check All The Rooms

white kitchen

Before you move out, check every room in your old place to see if you have forgotten something. In a rush to pack and because of the moving stress, it very often happens for us to leave some things behind.  

Therefore, inspect the wardrobes and cupboards in your bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen cabinet, the fridge (in case you’ve left some food) and the garage. This is especially important if you are moving on a long distance. You don’t want to forget some essential things and come back for them. That’s why the best thing to do before the moving out is to double check every single corner in the place you live.

3. Don’t Forget The Garbage

You were a great neighbour before moving out. Make sure your neighbourhood remembers you for good things when you leave too. When you recheck the home before the move, try not to forget any garbage inside nor outside.

Check every room, the garden, the parking place, the hallways and stairways. Once you collect all the garbage, dispose of it properly. That way you will leave a good impression on your landlord and neighbours.    

4. Leave Your Old Home Clean

living room

Once the movers take the boxes with your staff outside, there will probably be dirt around the home. While they load the track with all your belongings, you should clean the room or the rooms where you kept your packed things.

Quickly sweep and mop the floors, the stairs, and the doorway. It is essential to leave the place in perfect condition for the next tenants to come.  

5. Don’t Forget To Leave Everything Secured

secure your home when moving out

Last but not least on our list of essential things to do before moving out is to make sure that everything is secured. Check one more time if all the doors and windows in your house, garage, and basement are locked and closed. You don’t want to leave something unsecured, so always double check.

Are You Moving Out Soon? Contact Us For A Less Stressful Move

Moving is a complicated but also stressful process. There is so much to do and think about so that everything runs smoothly. When the big day comes panic is expected, and in а hurry, you may fail to remember doing certain things.

Like always, we are here to help with a few advice. That’s why we’ve put together this list of 5 essential things to do before moving out.

Don’t forget to:

  • Leave everything secured,
  • Leave your home clean,
  • Throw a goodbye party,
  • Dispose of the garbage,
  • Recheck all the rooms.

Are you moving soon and feel like you would not be able to go through this process alone? Contact us now and schedule your move. Let us, the professionals, provide you with the best moving experience and keep you away from stress and panic.  


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