6 Ways To Cope With Relocation Depression After Moving To A New Place

6 Ways To Cope With Relocation Depression After Moving To A New Place

You’ve moved recently, and you find it difficult to accept the new place? Probably you are feeling unhappy being surrounded with unfamiliar stuff, away from the people you love.  

It is true that moving is a complicated and stressful process to which many people find it difficult to adjust. Some of you only need a little time until you finally fit into the new environment, and some of you are facing relocation depression.  

If you can place yourself in the latter group then keep reading because we are giving you 6 ways to cope with the feeling of loneliness and dejection:

1. Throw A Housewarming Party

housewarming party

One of the ways to fight relocation depression is to throw a housewarming party. Once your new place is filled with people you love, you will share wonderful moments together. These moments will stay in your memory and help you easily start calling your new place “home”.

2. Fill Your New Place With Familiar Stuff

relocation depression

Sometimes some of us are not able to adapt to change. And, being in a new, unfamiliar environment makes us anxious. To successfully remove the stress of the after move, you should also fill your new place with familiar stuff.

Bring items from your old home and try to arrange them in an exact or similar order. Pillows, candles, pictures….decorate your rooms with anything that brings you pleasant memories.  

They will remind you of your old home and make you feel cosy.

3. Get To Know The New Environment

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Another thing to do to cope with relocation depression is to get to know the new surroundings. Go out more often and explore the new environment and neighbourhood. Visit some public places such as the museum, the library, the city park.

Moreover, you can also do some shopping at the shops, have a coffee at some of the bars and meet the local people. When you familiarise yourself with the new area, it will be much easier for you to get used to living in the new place, and the feeling of depression will fade away.

4. Make New Friends

making new friends

Meeting new people and making new friends is an essential step to take to overcome dejection. Don’t be shy to start a conversation. Introduce yourself to your neighbours and invite them over.

You should also be friendly with your coworkers and suggest having coffee or lunch together. When you make friends and start hanging out with people, you will be much happier at home and at your workplace as well.

5. Involve Yourself In Local Events

book club

Volunteering, joining a book or sports club, and attending different events are a perfect excuse to leave your new home. They will not only help you meet new people and stay entertained but decrease loneliness and relocation depression as well. Thanks to such activities you will enjoy your new life more, and easily adjust to the new environment.    

6. Start Exercising


Last on our list of ways to cope with relocation depression is exercising. Many studies show that exercise fights stress. So, it is great if you can start doing some sport. We are not saying that you should spend hours and hours at the gym every day. Small steps make a big difference. Start running, do aerobics, cycle…it is up to you what you will do. Just make sure you start as soon as possible since it will help you feel better and happier.   

Follow These Tips And Fight Relocation Depression

You’ve just relocated, and you are feeling lonely and depressed? You probably think you will never get used to your new place. However, relocation depression is something that many people experience.

To successfully cope with it:  

  • Fill your new place with familiar stuff,
  • Get to know the new environment,
  • Involve yourself in local events,
  • Throw a housewarming party,
  • Make new friends,
  • Start exercising.

Follow these tips, make your new place feel like home, and enjoy your new life.


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