Moving With Pets: 5 Tips To Successfully Move With Your Pets

Moving With Pets: 5 Tips To Successfully Move With Your Pets

Moving is quite a stressful process for the whole family and for your pets as well. Whether you are moving a few streets away, or you are moving to another city or country, moving with pets adds extra planning.    

You need to take every possible measure to keep them calm and safe during the relocation.  

To help you prepare yourself and your pets for the move, we are giving you 5 tips so that you can arrive at your home with fewer concerns:

1. Visit Your Pet’s Vet

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If you are moving with pets outside the area you live, then you should visit your pet’s vet before the move. You should ask for copies of your pet’s health records including vaccinations and medical prescriptions if necessary. Moreover, ask the veterinarian to recommend another good vet in the area you are moving to.

If you are moving abroad, find out what you need to do because lots of documentation is required.  

2. Have An Overnight Kit Ready

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The first thing to do when moving with pets is to have an overnight kit prepared. That should include food, water, toys to keep them calm, and grooming tools.

Being prepared in advance will help you keep your pets comfortable for the first days. And, you will also be at ease until you unpack.   

3. Make Sure You Keep Your Pets Calm  


When moving with pets, during the stressful process, pets fell your anxiousness, and become anxious themselves. For that reason, you need to find a way to keep them calm. And, you will do that by keeping them away from the whole process. Leave them with a friend, empty a room, or keep them outside. However, check them regularly and make sure they stay safe and get enough food and water.

4. Keep Your Pets Safe During The Transport

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Once you are ready for transport to your new home, you should also think about how you are going to move your pets. Use carriers for cats and kennels for dogs. Put them on the back seat and secure them with the seatbelt.

Or, if your pet is used to travelling, then simply let them sit in the back and have someone to make them company.

5. Help Your Pet Get Used To The New Environment

dog playing

Last on the list of our tips on moving with pets is to help them get used to your new home and the neighbourood. Here is what to do to make them adjust to your new place more quickly and easily:

  • Surround them with familiar things such as their toys. Smelling familiar things will reduce their stress.
  • Keep your doors and windows closed. It is for the best your pets to stay inside with you until you make sure that there are no any harmful plants in the neighbourhood.
  • Let them explore the house. Allow them to enter from room to room so that can easily adjust to the new surrounding.  
  • Take them for short walks. At first, go for a walk for a shorter time, and then bit by bit spend more time outside with them.

Stay calm and be patient. All it takes is a bit of time, and your pets will soon love their new home.

Follow These Tips And Make Your Moving With Pets Easier

Moving with pets requires extra effort during the move. Before the transport, visit the vet and take copies of your pet’s health record. Then, prepare an overnight kit with all the essentials and make sure you keep your pet away from the process to keep it calm.

After you move, help your pet get used to the new environment. And, make sure you keep it safe during the whole process.

If you need help from the professionals, don’t hesitate to contact Vantastic Removals.  


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