Moving With A Dog: 6 Tips to Consider Before & After The Move

Moving With A Dog: 6 Tips to Consider Before & After The Move

Every move is stressful and tense, regardless of the reason. You need to leave your old home and say goodbye, change your way of life and get used to new surroundings.

The unpleasantness of the move not only affects you and your family but your dogs as well. They are like part of the family, so during the move, don’t forget about their well-being. Bear in mind that they also need to accept the situation and adapt to the new change. Therefore, take the time to prepare them well for the move and help them adjust to the new surroundings.

Here are 6 tips for an easier transition when moving with a dog:

1. Don’t Ignore The Needs Of Your Dog

walking the dog

Although, normally, you would give your dog all your love and attention, when moving with a dog things can change. This process requires lots of time, effort, and preparation so you may forget about its needs.

It is realistic that you won’t be able to spend the same amount of time with it, but at least give your best. Don’t allow your dog to feel your absence and it will accept the change easily.

2. Keep Your Dogs Away On The Moving Day

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During all that fuss on a moving day, it is better to keep your dogs away. Otherwise, they will get anxious and act weird. To prevent that, ask someone to take care of them for the day. It can be a friend, a relative, or even your vet ( if he/she offers dog boarding). However, if these options fail, you can put them in a crate to make sure they stay safe.

3. Stick To Your Old Routines In The New Place

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When moving with a dog, you should keep the same habits with your dog in the new place. If your dog is used to eating breakfast, playing into the garden or going for a walk, then feed it, pay attention to it and walk it. Simply make sure nothing changes.

If you can’t follow the same pattern because of new circumstances, at least try to do that at the beginning. When your dog gets used to the new surroundings, it will be easier to change the daily routines.

4. When Moving With A Dog Keep Its Old Stuff

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A new place means a new start, new possibilities, and an urge for buying new things. However, when moving with a dog, it’s better to keep the old gear of your dog at least the first month after the move. Although your dog’s stuff may be old, fur-covered, and nasty, don’t replace them with new ones.

For your dog, they are very comforting and their smell reminds it of the old place. These things will also help in adjusting to the new place better. If you still want to buy something for your dog, then buy some treats, or toys for chewing, but don’t replace its bed or food bowl.

5. Leave Treats For Your Dog When You Leave The Home

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Most dogs are sensitive when they change their familiar place. So, after moving with a dog in a new place, you should be very careful and not leave it alone. If that is not possible because you go to work, then make sure there is someone around it.

Moreover, don’t forget to leave treats or something else to chew on. This will relax your dog a little bit before it learns to be okay when left alone.

6. Be Patient After Moving With A Dog

patience is the key

Patience is the key when moving with a dog. It is wise to let it accept the change at its own speed. Some dogs will adjust after several days, while others need weeks or even months.

No matter how much time your dog needs, be tolerant. Impatience will make things worse. Just love your dog, play with it, and don’t try to speed things up. Gradually, your dog will begin to feel at home in the new place.

Follow These 6 Tips for Moving With A Dog For An Easier Move

All dogs need love and like to feel safe. For your dog to accept the transition, don’t change your behaviour and its everyday routines during the moving process. When you get to the new place, don’t leave it alone and make sure there are its old things.

These tips for moving with a dog will definitely help you a lot. Just be patient and everything will fall into place.

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