Moving Tips: How To Prepare Your Children For A Move

Moving Tips: How To Prepare Your Children For A Move

Moving is a stressful and complicated process that affects the whole family, especially if you have children. They may find it difficult to leave old surroundings, friends, school, and start a new life.

No matter of the age, it takes an extra effort to prepare your kids for the move. However, creating a strategy beforehand can transform the moving process into an interesting family adventure.

Follow these moving tips for an easier and smoother move with children:

1. Toddler

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Moving with a baby is not that much stressful as moving with older kids. However, an extra effort is required since you will have to prepare for the move, but at the same time take care of them. Although infants need lots of attention, they adapt to change much easier. So, if you have a toddler, here are some moving tips to consider:

  • Give yourself enough time for the moving process. Taking care of a baby, and a moving day coming soon, may require more time than you think. So, don’t wait until the last moment. Start decluttering and packing as early as possible.
  • Choose the best time for packing. Make sure you don’t disturb your toddlers during the moving process. Pack at night while they are sleeping. Or, if you need to pack during the day, then ask someone to help you out. Choose the time that works best for you.
  • Don’t change your daily routines. Your routines should stay as normal as possible during the moving process. Be attentive to your children, play with them as usual and show love and affection. Don’t let them feel your anxiety.   

Taking after a baby is certainly not easy. And, with a moving day coming soon, you will have plenty of obligations. Therefore, don’t be shy to ask for help your relatives or friends. Or, if they are busy, you can hire a nanny.  

2. Preschooler


Preschoolers are usually not fully aware of the moving situation. If you keep the details simple and somehow involve them in the process, they will be excited. To do that, keep in mind these moving tips:

  • Involve your children in the process. While packing, they will be happy to help you. So, allow them to put their belongings in the boxes themselves and let them unpack their stuff in the new home.
  • Stick to the normal routines. If you like your kids to stay relaxed, make sure that all daily activities keep going as usual.
  • Don’t pack all their toys. Your children need to have several toys for entertainment, so don’t pack them all.

Make sure you maintain positivity and stay enthusiastic. Don’t allow your kids to feel your stress. Stay relaxed, happy, and they will definitely follow your example.

3. Young School-Aged Children

young school-aged children

If you have young children who go to school, you need to include them in the entire process of moving. They will be eager to help you out with anything you might ask. Follow these moving tips for a smoother move:

  • Visit the new neighbourhood together. Take your children to the new home. Go together for a walk around the area, and show them the places nearby.  It will help them familiarise with the new surroundings.
  • Keep them busy. Encourage them to make a list of things they would like to throw away or donate. Thus, they will be productive and entertained.
  • Give them tasks. You can tell them to help you with several easy tasks. Bringing items, labelling boxes, or taping cartons are some of the things they can do.

Include your kids in the move, ask for their help. That way they will accept the situation easily.

4. Teenagers

teenage girl

When it comes to relocation and accepting changes, teens are the most difficult to deal with. They already have best friends, social status, and maybe even a developed romantic relationship. Even though they are old enough to understand the reasons for moving, they may not accept it. They may not be emotionally prepared to leave behind their friends and change their way of life. To help them better cope with the move, consider these moving tips:

  • Inform teens about the move as soon as possible. If you tell your teens earlier, they will have more time to prepare for it. They need time to process the information, say goodbye to their friends, and organise a moving away party.
  • Create a positive atmosphere. If you like your children to overcome their negative feelings, start from yourself. Be supportive, motivated, positive, excited, and create a pleasant atmosphere in your home. Thus, they will feel secure, relaxed and less anxious.
  • Visit the new school. Your teenager may worry about fitting in the new school and making new friends. So, if you could visit the school before the move and find more info about it, it will be great.
  • Be understandable. You should communicate with your children and allow them to express their emotions about the move. Encourage them to share how they feel with you and have a sincere conversation. You also need to help them understand that it is normal to feel negative feelings such as anger, grief, stress, and anxiety. Explain that every change is difficult. Be patient, and help them accept it.

Teens feel the anxiety and tension connected with the move, so it is better to prepare them well before the move. You need to be attentive and help them overcome their negative feelings.

Follow These Moving Tips And Prepare Your Children For A Move In The Best Possible Way

During the move, you must pay attention to your children. They also have their needs, fears, and emotions. The older kids are afraid of change, and that can make the moving process even harder. The younger ones, on the other hand, require more care.

Stay relaxed, give them love, be supportive, and understand their negative feelings. Follow our moving tips and let Vantastic Removals guide you through the process. Contact us now for a safe and smooth move.


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