7 Moving Essentials You Are Going To Need On Your Moving Day

7 Moving Essentials You Are Going To Need On Your Moving Day

The day of the moving is here, and the atmosphere immediately becomes tense. Although you have planned every single detail, you feel stressful, chaotic, and excited at the same time.

However, if you want to feel less stressed out, preparing moving essentials is the key. It will help you be more organised and relaxed when you get to your new home.

So, here are 7 moving essentials you are going to need on your moving day:

#1: Clean Pillows and Bedding

clean pillows

Striping your bed is the last thing you should do when you leave the house. You should also make sure you put the clean pillows and bedding in a separate and clean bag.

This is a must because the first thing you will need to do when you get to your new home is your bed for sleeping.

#2: Supplies for Cleaning

cleaning supplies

People usually clean their new home before the move. However, your new place will become dusty and dirty after the unpacking of the boxes. Unexpected messes are also possible.

Because of that, you should have cleaning supplies near at hand. Supplies such as a hand and dish soap, an all-purpose cleaner, paper towels, toilet rolls, sponges, and dust clothes are more than necessary. You can also bring a broom and a dustpan.

#3: Water & Snacks

fruit bowl

Moving with all the packing and unpacking is an exhausting process. Therefore, prepare a bag with water and snack the day before the move to keep your energy.

Put water in the fridge the previous day, so you will have cold and fresh water when you arrive in your new home. You can buy snacks or make some sandwiches and put them in a small bag, as well. To boost your energy, you should also pack some nuts and fresh fruit such as bananas, apples etc.

#4: Tape & Scissors, Writing Utensils & Paper

important moving essentials

When packing, you will need tape and scissors to bind the boxes. To be organised, you need to know what you have in every box, as well.

Because of that, you should also have a marker and a paper to label the boxes with items. Thus, you, your friends, or the removalists will know in which room to put the packages.

#5: A Small Handy Bag with Important Things

handy bag

While moving, you will need to make calls so you must keep your battery full. Moreover, you will need to pay removalists or clean your hands after packing.

Therefore, some of the most important moving essentials are a mobile phone, a charger, money, and wet wipes. You can put them in a small handy bag and always keep it with you.

#6: A Bag with Things for Overnight

overnight bags

After a long day of packing items and moving, you’ll just want to relax and sleep in your new home.

Therefore you will need a bag with the following things:

  • shower essentials (shampoo and soap),
  • toothbrush and toothpaste,
  • clothes for the next day,
  • a pair of pyjamas,
  • daily medications,
  • underwear,
  • slippers.

If you have all of these things in one bag, you won’t waste your time searching in all boxes.

#7: A Small Toolkit


Having a small toolkit with you during the moving is essential. It should include a hammer, a torch, a bulb and other things you may need for minor repairs.

If you don’t have a small toolkit, it is time to buy one. You will never know when you will need it.

Pack These 7 Moving Essentials and Have an Easy Moving

Being organised is the key to a relaxed moving process. Having all these moving essentials ready will keep you organised.

If you need any help with this stressful process, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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