Moving Day Tips: 8 Things To Do When Moving House

Moving Day Tips: 8 Things To Do When Moving House

Your moving day is just around the corner, and you are only a few days away from starting a new life in the place of your dreams. How exciting is that? If only moving tasks were that exciting too.

They might be exhausting, but they don’t need to be stressful. Having a good plan and being well organised are the key things to smooth move.  

To make the day of your move easier, follow these 8 moving day tips:

1. Wake Up Early

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First on the list of our moving day tips is to wake up early. You are moving and a long day with plenty of tasks is expecting you. Thus, make sure you wake up before the professional movers arrive. During this day you need to be fresh, so go to bed early the night before.

Once you are awake, check your moving day list and see what is left to do. Being an early bird will keep you more organised and will contribute to a smoother transition.   

2. Have Your Mobile Phone Fully Charged

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On your moving day, you should have your phone fully charged. The removalists will have to reach you in case they are not able to find your address. Especially if you are moving by yourself, you need to have a full battery.

On the one hand, you will use your phone to follow directions and easily get to your new home. On the other hand, just in case you get lost or an accident happens, you will need to contact someone to help you.

3. Make Sure There’s Parking For The Moving Truck

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Another on the list of our moving day tips is to make sure there is parking access for the moving truck or van. Once the movers arrive, they need to park somewhere near your home. They need to have access to your house or apartment so that they can easily load your belongings. Consider their needs and reserve a parking place in advance.

4. Create A Safe Environment For Moving

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Preparing yourself and your home for a move can be messy. There’s the decluttering, the packing…These moving tasks can make your house untidy. However, on your moving day, you need to create a safe environment so that everything runs smoothly.

Once you declutter and pack your items, make sure you clean around and throw all the trash that is left inside and outside your house. Inspect every corner in case you’ve forgotten something. Everything needs to be organised perfectly.    

5. Keep Children And Pets Out Of The Way

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Keeping your children and pets away from home is one of the most essential moving day tips. Having your kids or dog running around while the movers are trying to do their job can complicate and make moving harder.

Moreover, this process is not only stressful, but it can also be dangerous for your pets and children. The removalists will carry heavy boxes and furniture, and you don’t want them to get hurt. So, the best thing to do is to hire a nanny or ask a friend or a relative to help you out and look after them for the day.

6. Do A Final Check-Up


If you leave anything behind, it may be difficult to get it back, especially if you are moving on a long distance. For that reason, do a final check-up of the whole place. Check every room and every corner, your closet, shelves, to make sure everything is packed.

7. Have Cleaning Supplies

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When the movers take all of your staff outside and load them in the moving truck, you will have one last task to do – clean around quickly. The floor will be dirty. Therefore, make sure you have sweeping and mopping supplies so that you leave your house clean. For the last time, show your landlord that you are a great tenant.

8. Don’t Forget Your Bag With Moving Essentials

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Last on the list of our moving day tips is not to forget your bag with moving essentials. There will be all of the important documents, medications, pyjamas, extra clothes, valuables, toiletries, etc. Carry this bag with you during the transport to make sure you don’t lose it since you are going to need the stuff in it on the first night in your new place.  

Follow These Moving Day Tips For Less Stressful Moving Day

Moving may be a challenging and stressful process, but with the right to do list in hand everything will go smoothly. No matter how insignificant this moving day tips may seem, they are the key to easier and less stressful move.

Follow our 8 things to do and if you still haven’t chosen a moving company to help you out don’t hesitate to contact us.

Have a safe move.


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