4 Most Common Moving Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

4 Most Common Moving Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

As the moving day approaches, the more stressful it becomes. You start to panic, so making moving mistakes is inevitable. No matter what will go wrong, it will make the moving harder than it actually is. You will feel bad, and you’d wish you did things differently.

To make your move easier, read this article and learn how to avoid the most common moving mistakes:

1. Not Getting Rid of Unnecessary Things


Are you one of those people that keep things they don’t need? Or you get sentimental, and you hold onto things?

When it comes to moving, organising, and minimising your stuff before the move is a key thing to do. Once you do that you will feel mentally liberated and won’t waste time and energy on packing and unpacking a bunch of stuff.

Therefore, go through all of your personal belongings, and throw the unnecessary ones. You can recycle, donate, or sell some of the items you no longer want, as well. That way you will not only have fewer things to pack, but you will also save time and effort.

2. Delaying Planning

moving plan

One of the common moving mistakes that people do is postponing planning. However, planning is an essential process before the move, and you shouldn’t prolong it.

First, it is better to start early and make a to-do list. It will help you stay organised and ensure you won’t forget anything. Then, if you are planning to book a moving company, do that in advance, as well. If you don’t do that at least a month before the move, they might be busy afterwards.

Moreover, it is also important to think about the right time to start packing. If you pack everything too early, you will end up needing some stuff, so you will have to search in the boxes to find it.

3. Believing You Can Do Everything By Yourself

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Another on our list of moving mistakes is considering moving as an easy thing to do. Although you may think that you can move everything by yourself or with the help of your friends, you are wrong. It takes lots of time and effort to pack, lift and load your belongings in a vehicle, transport, and unpack them. Moreover, it can also be risky if you have things of high value. You will be sorry if you break or damage something that means a lot to you.

If you don’t have lots of stuff to move, it is ok to do it by yourself. Financially, it makes sense. However, if you do have many worthy belongings, it is better to hire a reputable moving company. It will cost you money, but it’s worth it.

Movers are professionally trained to provide you with a smooth and less stressful move. Besides, they also provide packing services for valuable objects and dismantling of heavy furniture. You can also get injured if you lift heavy objects by yourself. So, leave it to the removalists and have a relaxing moving day.

4. Not Knowing Where Your Toothbrush Is


You sorted and packed all your stuff in boxes, wrapped the fragile stuff with a bubble wrap and hired a moving company. You think everything is ok for the moving day until you realise you don’t know what’s inside the boxes. Yes, this is one of the typical moving mistakes that most people make.

To avoid this, make a list of all the items you put in each box. Number the boxes and put the list with contents on them. You can also write in which room in your new house they need to go. Thus, you will know what you have in every box and be more organised. To make sure nothing is left behind, make a list of your possessions for you, as well.

Your mobile phone, toothbrush, toothpaste, pyjamas, cosmetics are some of the things you will need immediately when you get to your new home. If you don’t like to search all the boxes to find them, it is better to have them in one suitcase near at hand. So, label all the boxes, pack a suitcase with essentials, and you are ready to go.

Stay Organised and Avoid These Common Moving Mistakes

Moving means lots of stress, anxiety, and dealing with lots of things at the same time. So, panicking and making unwanted mistakes is normal. However, you have to avoid them because they can ruin your moving day.

To have a less stressful move:

  • Get rid of unnecessary things,
  • Don’t delay planning,
  • Stay organised,
  • Ask for help.

And, if you need a professional moving company to help you out, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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