How To Secure Your Home: 7 Ways To Protect Your Home From Burglars

How To Secure Your Home: 7 Ways To Protect Your Home From Burglars

How to secure your home is a question that needs to be discussed since there are plenty of burglars out there who break in homes regularly. According to the Office for National Statistics, there is an increase in theft in England. So, you cannot neglect the burglaries that happen regularly.

To prevent unwanted visitors in your home, you should protect it well. In this guide, we’ve provided 7 ways that will help you secure your home from burglars:

1. Put A Fence

metal fence

When talking about the ways of how to secure your home we have to mention building a fence. Burglars are easily attracted by homes which are not protected on the outside. For them, it is easy to enter your garden, garage, and your house.

Many people make their homes look more private by planting shrubs and bushes or building a solid fence. However, these are easy to pass or climb. To better secure your home, put a high fence that has sharp pointed tops. It will stop thefts from entering your property.

2. Instal Outdoor Lightning

outdoor lightning

Another advice we would give on how to secure your home is to install outdoor lighting.  Burglars can run away easily in the dark without being noticed. But, not everyone would have the courage to enter a well-lit yard.

That’s why you should have exterior lighting. You can install motion sensitive lights. They are good to have because once they turn on they will attract the criminal’s attention and make him walk away. Another way to lit your home is by solar powered lights which will save you energy. Or, you can have outdoor lights on a timer and program them to turn on at a specific time. No matter which ones you choose, make sure that all the entrances of both the front and back yard are lit.

3. Adopt A Dog

adopt a dog

Dogs can be an effective security alarm for your home. Whenever they see or smell people who are unfamiliar to them, they start barking. Even if you are not at home, it will alarm your neighbours and make them inspect and check if anything wrong is going on.

If you are not a dog lover, you can at least put a “Beware of the dog” sign on the fence gate, garage door, and front window. It will make criminals hesitate to enter your home and keep them away.

4. Secure The Doors And Windows

how to secure your home

Locking the doors and windows is also essential when talking about how to secure your home. Keeping them open when you are away, even if it is while you are doing the shopping, will make your home an easy target for burglars. Make sure you lock everything when you go out and before you go to sleep to avoid unwanted visitors in your home. Otherwise, you are sending thieves an invitation to enter your house.

5. Instal An Alarm System

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There are different alarm systems from expensive and complicated to simple and cheap ones. The more complex alarms offer offsite monitoring and mobile access. The more simple ones, on the other hand, are usually window and door alarms that protect your home.

Instal the one that fits your needs the best and that you can afford. Then, learn how to use it and take advantage of its features. Don’t forget to put signs on your front gate, garage, and windows to warn others that your home is protected.

6. Keep Your Valuables Safe

portable safe

Among the other ways of how to secure your home is to keep your valuables safe. When thieves enter homes, they usually search for money and jewellery. Therefore, you need to make sure that you have these things secured. Make them hard to access and find. One way to do it is to instal a small safe. It can either be portable or anchored. Choose the one that fits your needs the best.

Another way to protect your valuables from burglars is to hide them somewhere around your home. Put them on the inside of other things. For example, put them in your socks, in a napkin box, shampoo bottle, etc. Simply use your imagination and think like a burglar. Ask yourself where burglars wouldn’t search for your valuables and you will know where to put your money and precious items.

7. Become Friends With Your Neighbours

love your neighbours

The last tip we would give on how to secure your home is to become friends with your neighbours. This is helpful since being in a good relationship with them means you can look out for each other. Especially when you are away, or on holiday, they will keep an eye on your home.

If they spot something suspicious they will alert you while you are away. So, don’t hesitate to get to know them. They might be your best friends when it comes to crime prevention.

Follow These Tips On How To Secure Your Home And Keep Burglars Away

Decorating your living room and taking care of your garden is certainly more fun than securing your home. However, how to keep your house safe is a topic that needs to be addressed. You can never know when you might be the next target to some unexpected visitors who are after money and other valuables.

To keep your property safe, make sure you:

  • Become friends with your neighbours,
  • Secure the doors and windows,
  • Keep your valuables safe,
  • Set up an alarm system,
  • Instal outdoor lightning,
  • Adopt a dog,
  • Put a fence.

Follow these tips on how to secure your home and keep burglars away.


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