How to Prepare for Moving House in London

Check List House Move

How to Prepare for Moving House in London

Whether you’re stepping into your first home in Kensington or moving into a period property in Richmond, this guide provides step-by-step advice to make your move smoother.

Craft a Moving Checklist

Check List House Move

Start your packing journey with a plan. Before you start imagining your life in a picturesque Chiswick home, create a moving checklist that includes all the rooms in your new place and other spaces, like the garden or loft. This checklist will serve as a roadmap for what needs to be packed and allows you to mark off each space as you complete it.

Prioritize Your Belongings

Recognise that not all possessions are equally urgent. While it’s easy to become preoccupied with fitting your vintage books into your new Notting Hill library, remember the essentials. Your bed, kitchen utensils and immediate needs should top your checklist, ensuring they are accessible on the moving day.

Declutter Your Space


Now that you know what’s essential, you’ll likely notice items you rarely use. Before moving to your stylish Chelsea residence, seize this opportunity to declutter. Consider selling these items online or at a local car boot sale, or donating them to a charity.

Gather Your Packing Supplies

Box of Packing Supplies

Moving requires boxes and lots of them. Before your move to prestigious Kensington, source cardboard boxes from local supermarkets, and don’t forget other supplies like tape, bubble wrap, newspapers, and a marker pen.

Begin Packing Early

Ease the burden of moving to opulent Richmond by starting early, ideally a month or two before your move. Begin with seasonal items, like heavy coats in summer or garden tools in winter.

Adopt a Top-to-Bottom Approach

When transitioning to a classic terraced house in Notting Hill, work through your home systematically, starting from the top floor and moving downwards. Apply this same principle when unloading at your new place, beginning with the upstairs rooms.

Label as You Pack

Avoid future frustration by labelling your boxes with their originating room and a summary of contents. As you settle into your peaceful Chiswick home, you’ll know exactly where everything is, with boxes from the same room grouped together and appliance wires labelled clearly.

Reserve a Clear Box for Essentials

Place vital items like your toothbrush, phone charger, and important documents in a transparent plastic box. Amidst the sea of cardboard boxes, finding essentials should be a breeze, whether in Chelsea or Kensington.

Be Mindful of Weight

Moving into a posh Chelsea flat? To prevent injury and box breakage, avoid overpacking. Use smaller boxes for heavy items and clearly mark these boxes as heavy, placing them at the bottom of stacks.

Simplify Packing Clothes

Keep your clothes on their hangers, tying the hangers together and slipping a bin bag over them. This allows for easy unpacking and immediate hanging at your elegant new home in Richmond.

Secure Your Toiletries

As you prepare to move to charming Notting Hill, prevent leaks by sealing the openings of shampoo bottles and creams with cling film before recapping them.

Safeguard Fragile Items

For your delicate items like mirrors and artwork that will grace your new Kensington residence, consider using paper and cardboard for extra protection. Label these boxes as fragile and treat them with care.

Label Furniture Components

When disassembling furniture for your move to vibrant Chelsea, label all parts and fasteners. Taking photos during disassembly can also serve as a visual guide for reassembly.

Prepare Your Appliances for Moving

Allow ample time to defrost your freezer before settling into your Chiswick home. Know when to call a professional, like for disconnecting a gas oven. Having a tool kit on a moving day can prove invaluable.

In conclusion, whether moving to the elegant streets of Kensington or the vibrant community of Notting Hill, planning is paramount. Remember, the timing of when to start packing is crucial, as is understanding the legal aspects of moving house in London’s prime locations.


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