Ultimate Guide On Moving Into A Dorm For All Freshmen

Ultimate Guide On Moving Into A Dorm For All Freshmen

Moving into a dorm is a big change for every freshman that begins a new chapter of their life.

It is exciting, but also stressful and chaotic since there are many things to consider before the move.

Therefore, careful preparation is essential beforehand. You have to plan every single step to avoid forgetting essentials or packing things you won’t need.

To make your move more relaxing, check our ultimate guide on moving into a dorm:

1. Find More Info About The Dorm

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The first thing you should do before moving into a dorm is to find more info about it. It is important to know what things you will already have in your room there. Or, what you mustn’t bring in. For instance, many dorms don’t allow bringing extra furniture or your pet with you.

To learn more about the dorm, check its website, speak with an older student that lives there, or simply visit or call the dorm and ask. Thus, you won’t take anything that could be confiscated or that you don’t need.

2. Choose The Best Period To Move

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All dorms have a designated period for students to move in. However, if you want to pick the best period, consider these things first:

  • Weather: Check the weather forecast and try to avoid rainy or very hot days. That way you will avoid feeling uncomfortable during the move.
  • Traffic: If the dorm is in a big city, there will be heavy work traffic in the morning or in the late afternoon. So, don’t waste your time being stuck in a traffic jam and choose a different period.
  • Your parents’ work schedule: Your parents will probably help you out with the relocation, so you should consider their work schedule, as well. Pick a time that won’t interfere with their work duties.

Whichever period you choose, make sure it suits you and everyone else helping you with the transition.

3. Coordinate With Your Dorm Roommates Beforehand

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Another thing to do before moving into a dorm is coordinating with your roommates. Once you find out who are you going to share the dorm room with, contact them. Tell them when you are planning to move and what items you can bring with you. Make a deal about the position of the beds and cleaning the room, as well.

Moreover, you should also discuss which things could be shareable and who is bringing what. For example, you can bring a TV while one of your roommates can bring a microwave. If you balance things, you won’t need to pack too many heavy items. This will also help you avoid duplicates and save space at the same time.

4. Make A Moving Checklist

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Making a checklist before moving into a dorm is a must. You don’t want to forget the phone charger or your pillow, right?

So, put everything that comes to your mind on paper. Think about your daily routines. Then decide what you should take in terms of bedding, clothing, bathroom supplies, electronics, food, etc. Thus, you will be more organised and relaxed.

5. Start Preparing Early

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There is nothing worse than a last-minute preparation and shopping. It is tense and stressful. To stay away from panic, start with the preparation a week before moving into a dorm. Not only you will have time to gather all the supplies, but you will also be more calm and relaxed.

6. Think About The Room Decor

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Your new room in the dorm doesn’t have to be dull and monotonous. If you want it to have your personal touch, consider redecorating it. Pack your favourite artwork, posters, and photos of your family or friends. Also, take decorative pillows, colourful bedding, and everything that will make you happier in your new home.

7. Hire A Moving Company

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Moving into a dorm is a process that can be very stressful for a freshman. Besides, packing and lifting all your things requires lots of time, energy, and effort.

To avoid that, hire a moving company. The professional removalists will do the packing and will move all the things to the dorm. They will save you and your parents lots of time and effort, and keep you away from stress.

Follow Our Ultimate Guide On Moving Into A Dorm and Have A Relaxed Move

The mere thought of moving into a dorm probably makes you have butterflies in your stomach. However, once you think about the whole moving process, you start to panic and feel unsure where to start.

The first thing to do before the move is to stay relaxed. Think of all the good things awaiting you in the student life to come. Then, follow our ultimate guide and the steps we’ve provided for you to have an easier move.

If you are in need of professional removalists, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be there for you at all the moving stages, making sure everything runs smoothly.


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