How To Be A Good Neighbour On Your Moving Day

How To Be A Good Neighbour On Your Moving Day

Moving to a new home doesn’t affect only you, but your whole neighbourhood. You shouldn’t forget that your neighbours have to be taken into consideration, as well.

Your moving activity can also impact their daily routines. Therefore, be a good neighbour on your moving day, show moving courtesy, and leave a good impression.

To ensure that your old neighbours remember you in the best light, keep in mind these tips:

#1: Find  Perfect Timing

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The moving process is a complicated one. On the one hand, it can be very noisy. There will be the movers loading the track with your staff and lifting heavy things. On the other hand, the moving track can occupy lots of parking space your neighbours might need. Besides that, you may also block the sidewalk with the moving activity. Movers on the way and large pieces of furniture on the road can make the passing difficult for your neighbours.

That’s why you should think about the whole neighbourhood before even start packing. Pick a time that is right or a time when you won’t upset your neighbours.

For example, choose a time when your neighbours are at work. Or, maybe during the weekends when they are away. Talk to them, and let them help you decide what the best time to do it is.

#2: Notify Your Neighbours

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The moving can impact the daily routines of the whole neighbourhood. Therefore, to avoid any problems and to disturb them, the best thing to do is to inform them about the moving in advance.

Dropping a card that indicates the date and the time of your moving in their mailbox is a great idea. Maybe some of them are planning a party, and they need extra parking places. Or, you might be unaware that another family in your neighbourhood is moving the same day.

Informing your neighbours will help you coordinate the parking for the moving trucks but also have a successful moving day.

Moreover, if your neighbours know about the moving, they will also have a chance to wish you well and say goodbye before you go.

#3: Get Permission

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Imagine that you have to go to work and you notice that a moving truck is blocking your driveway or a garage. Sounds frustrating, right? Your neighbours could feel the same way if they see your moving track on their path.

If you block the access to your neighbours without notifying them, you will lose your good neighbour status. Therefore, it’s better to be cautious and get permission from them about your moving activity before the moving day.

Most people won’ tmind if you ask and tell them the exact time of the move beforehand. Just remember to allow yourself an extra hour or two to avoid problems. Although you might think that the moving won’t take you more than a couple of hours, certain issues may arise.

#4: Keep Your Neighbourhood Clean

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It wouldn’t be nice if you leave garbage behind on your moving day. Thus, before leaving your old home, make sure you don’t forget any rubbish around.

Check the stairways, hallways, the parking place, the garden, and pick up the litter. Dispose of the trash properly and leave the neighbourhood even cleaner than it was.

Thus, you will stay remembered as a conscientious neighbour.

#5: Say Goodbye Before You Leave


When the day of the move comes, you won’t have the time to exchange well-wishes with your neighbours. So, throwing a moving party before you leave is a nice way to say goodbye. You can say thanks for the old times and great moments you’ve shared together r give them presents. You can also exchange contact information to keep in touch and invite them to visit you in your new home.

Follow These Tips and Be a Good Neighbour on Your Moving Day

The moving day can be frustrating and exhausting, so you may unwillingly neglect your neighbours. They are the people you shared lots of memories with, so you shouldn’t forget that.

Notifying your neighbours, keeping the area clean, and saying goodbye are some of the things that they will remember about you when you leave.

Follow these tips, be a good neighbour on your moving day, and stay remembered as a good person.


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