Checklist Of Dorm Room Essentials Every University Student Needs

Checklist Of Dorm Room Essentials Every University Student Needs

It is time to turn a new leaf in the story which is called life. You enrolled in the university of your dreams far away from home, got admitted there and the date of your departure is getting closer and closer. The student life is awaiting you, and like a lot of other students, you choose to stay in a dormitory. This means that you are going to experience the maximum the student life can offer, and you are looking forward to all the new experiences you will have there.

However, this will most likely be your first time living on your own without your family. Therefore, you might be overwhelmed with feelings of excitement and anxiety. Especially, when you think about the whole process of moving, you start to panic.

You aren’t sure what to pack and take with you? Don’t worry, we are here to help.

We’ve put together a list of 10 dorm room essentials you will need for your new life in the dormitory. Some may be common knowledge, and some may come to you as a surprise, but trust us, while you are at university you will need these things at one point or another.

Keep reading and don’t forget to pack the following dorm room essentials:

#1: Bed Linens, Pillows And Blankets

pillow and blanket

They are pretty much self-explanatory. The mattresses in dormitories are usually old and quite used, so it’s an absolute necessity to bring your own bed linens. That way you’ll know you will be sleeping in a clean environment.

Moreover, those of you who have trouble sleeping on different pillows, bringing your own pillow from home is a must. Remember, if you sleep better you will study better.  

2. Clothing And Clothes Hangers

clothes hangers

First on our list of dorm room essentials are clothing and clothes hangers. If you can manage to get information about how big the closet in your room is, that would be a great plus so you can pack just enough clothing to fill it out. If there isn’t much space (usually there won’t be), make sure you bring enough clothing to make it from one laundry day to the next.

In addition, we suggest bringing hangers in one colour and type. It will make your closet look way more orderly.

3. Phone And Headphones

phone and headphones

We cannot imagine our lives without our phones, and they are in fact the centre of everyday lives. Having headphones is a big plus too, as you will be able to listen to music without disturbing anyone else in the room.

So, just when you get out of your home before the move, double check if you have these dorm room essentials with you.

4. Laptop

dorm room essentials

In today’s world having a laptop is an absolute must. Primarily, you will need it for university, doing tasks and studying better. However, laptops are also one of the main sources of fun and great for killing boredom. So, make sure you don’t forget your own.

5. Laundry Bag

doing laundry

A laundry bag is another of the dorm room essentials you need to take with you. You will have to wash your clothes, and you won’t have a washing machine in your dorm room. Thus, you will have to store and transport your dirty clothes from your room to the laundry room.

So, a quick tip here: if the laundry room is far away from you, make sure to pick the lightest laundry basket. That way you will save time and effort.

6. Towels And Toiletries

towels and toiletries

Bringing your own towels, which will be only for your own use, will make sure that you stay clean and safe from germs and things like that. Also, don’t forget your toiletries. Bring a shampoo, soap, your toothbrush and toothpaste, razor and shaving cream. Little stuff like these can make a big difference.

7. Desk/Bed Lamp

bed lamp

Desk and bed lamp are also great dorm room essentials, especially if you are a night owl and prefer to do your studying at night. As you will have roommates, you don’t want to disturb them late at night by turning all the lights on just so you can study. That’s why depending on the way you study you either need to get a desk or a bed lamp so you can study without disturbing your roommates.   

8. Extension Cords

extension cords 

If the dormitory allows for the use of extension cords, they are an absolute game changer in today’s world. On a daily basis, we all use our phones, laptops, tablets and other electrical devices which need to be charged. That’s where the extension cord comes in handy. You won’t have to choose what you will charge first and to get into arguments with your roommates about who is going to use the power outlet first. This way you will all have a place to charge your electronic devices without having to make hard choices or start a conflict.

9. Trash Can

trash can

A trash can is one of those dorm room essentials you are going to need to keep your room clean and tidy. Therefore, make sure you get one so that you have where to put all the garbage you make from your snacks and drinks.

10. First Aid Kit

first aid kit

We all get sick from time to time or get small injuries. If you have a stomach ache or a headache late at night and you can’t go to the doctor at that time, you need to make sure you have at least a basic first aid kit with pills and bandages just in case. Of course, learn the dosages and how to use the first aid kit before doing anything on your own.

Have These 10 Dorm Room Essentials For An Easier Dorm Life

Moving into a dorm is quite exciting but also a challenging process. The room space is limited, and you cannot take many things with you. So, before packing, simply contact the dormitory to ask certain info about the room you are going to live in.

On the one hand, you will know what you are allowed to bring with you, and on the other hand, you will how much things to pack.

No matter what you decide to take with you, don’t forget to get the above-mentioned dorm room essentials, because, they will make your life much easier.   

A lot of new experiences and great days are awaiting you, so make the most of your student life, and make sure you turn your room into a functional and a tidy living place.  

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