How To Move During Winter Time: 6 Smart Tips For Moving In The Winter

How To Move During Winter Time: 6 Smart Tips For Moving In The Winter

Moving is one of the toughest and most stressful things to do, especially if you are doing that during winter time. Imagine carrying heavy boxes and walking on your slippery sidewalk from your home to your car again and again until you load the last box.  
The process of moving in the winter is also much slower than moving at any other season since the cold weather and the difficult weather conditions are making it harder.
So, for the whole process to run smoothly, you need to put some extra effort. And, to help you out, we’ve listed 6 tips for moving in the winter. Check them out:

1. Put On Some Warm Clothes

winter gloves
Moving in the winter requires spending a lot of time outside in the cold. That’s why putting on some warm clothes, and a coat is a must for you and your family. Whether you are assisting from the inside or from the outside, you need to stay warm, or you can catch a cold.
Moreover, while moving your things, you can also get wet in the snow. That’s why it is a good idea to take some extra clothes with you, in case you need to change. So, be prepared before you head off to your new place and put some warm clothes in your car. You don’t want to waste time opening boxes and looking for clothes later. That’s why you need to make sure you do that in advance.

2. Start As Early As Possible

early morning
If you move in the winter, you need to start doing that as early as possible. Winter days are shorter than summer days, and it is getting dark earlier. What’s more, during the day, the temperatures are not that low as those in the night.
So, you need to take advantage of the daytime hours and do most of the necessary things until it gets dark. Make sure you first put all of the boxes inside your new home. Then, you can unpack in the evening hours, and you’ll be at least inside and stay warm.   

3. Keep Sidewalks And Driveways Clean From The Snow

cleaning snow
It is very dangerous for you to lift and carry heavy boxes and walk on slippery sidewalks. You can slip, fall, and get injured. Keeping sidewalks and driveways clean from snow, ice, and slash will keep you away from accidents. And, you and your belongings will stay safe as well.
Having the snow removed will also let the whole process of moving to run smoothly and quickly. You will stay less stressed, and you won’t have to worry about your children breaking an arm or leg.

4. Check Your Vehicle Before The Move

car in winter
Before you load all the boxes with your belongings in your vehicle, make sure you have it checked. If you are moving on a long distance, have it serviced and have tire chains and spare tire with you.
You should also prepare an emergency kit, blankets, hats, scarfs and gloves. What’s more, make sure you take some water and some hot drinks with you such as tea. That way you will be prepared in case anything goes wrong on the way to your new home.

5. Protect Your Belongings

It is winter. It means there is ice and it is slippery. Even you know that you should be careful while carrying the boxes with your belongings, we all know that accidents may happen.
For that reason, make sure you protect and double pack your belongings well, especially those that are fragile such as electronics, kitchen staff, etc.  

6. Have Electricity In Your New Home

light bulb
If you are moving in the winter, make sure you have electricity and check if all of the utilities in your new home work before you move. In winter time, days are much shorter, darker, and colder than the days at any other season. That’s why you should have lights, but also, you need to have heat to stay warm.

Are You Moving In The Winter? Let Us Help You

Moving in the winter is not easy since the difficult weather conditions are making this process tougher and more stressful. That’s why putting some extra effort is essential. That includes:

  • Making sure all of the utilities in your new home are set in advance,
  • Keeping sidewalks and driveways clean from the snow,
  • Checking your vehicle before the move,
  • Double packing your belongings,
  • Starting as early as possible.

However, just because this process is a difficult one, you can avoid going through all the stress and all the packing, lifting, and transporting your belongings by hiring a professional moving company.
Let professional movers help you out. Don’t hesitate. Contact us now


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